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boldly forward the campaign for uc merced

Boldly Forward: The Campaign for UC Merced

Since 2005, UC Merced has produced cutting-edge research, educated and prepared tomorrow’s leaders and changemakers for the challenges ahead, advanced outcomes in the Central Valley and beyond, and created social mobility for our diverse and talented students representing California’s best and brightest. Our entire community benefits from the contributions and work of this highly unique campus, and together we have the opportunity to invest in the future of this unique institution.

By participating in the Campaign for UC Merced, you help ensure the ongoing excellence, growth, and influence of this special place. Through Boldly Forward, we invite you to play a vital role in supporting our students, faculty, and programs. This is your moment to embrace this transformation in the heart of California and propel our remarkable campus community to new heights.


The impactful and innovative research taking place at UC Merced is making a real-world difference in the Central Valley, California, and the nation. Faculty, researchers, graduate students, and undergraduates alike contribute to expanding knowledge and pushing boundaries across all fields of study. Whether developing novel approaches to sustainability, agriculture technology, and climate change, or advancing our thinking and appreciation of the natural and social sciences, humanities, arts, engineering, and management, the UC Merced community is trailblazing new paths to understanding and relating to the world around us.


UC Merced is committed to eliminating disparities in health care access and quality, particularly in our underserved and under-resourced region. Our campus community is focused on tackling the most pressing issues facing us today, with the overarching goal to improve outcomes in all areas of health, including public, mental, and behavioral. Our university also strives to find solutions for the underlying conditions of employment, labor, and community that affect working people and their quality of life.

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UC Merced was established to educate and empower California’s students. By cultivating diversity, inclusion, and a sense of belonging among the campus’ rich array of scholars, UC Merced is fostering their success and helping them fulfill their boundless promise and potential. UC Merced is dedicated to providing all students higher-education access and opportunity through scholarship and fellowship support as well as driving their competitive excellence through top-notch intercollegiate sports programs.

Campaign Progress

 Campaign Goal: $200,000,000

UC Merced amount of of money donated

11,310 Gifts

UC Merced amount of donors

6,783 Donors

As of 5/21/2024

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